The Content Mini-Course & Template Kit 


A power-packed mini-course and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut your content creation and accelerate your social media growth!


Creating content for social media is a ton of work, isn't it?

You spend so much time, so much energy, and you're still not sure if you're doing the RIGHT thing.

  • Sometimes you feel like you figured it out but then a new trend pops up (Reels, TikTok etc*) and sometimes, you just want someone to clearly and directly tell you what you need to do.

  • Creating random videos or pieces of content might work for a few posts but will it bring you long-term success or paying clients? 

  • Just downloading and copy/paste templates is a good start but you need to tailor this for your audience right? But HOW

That’s why I've created this Content Creation mini-course & template kit. 

These templates and guides will make your content creation SHOCKINGLY easier than ever before.

You will learn how to tailor your content for your EXACT audience with my secret strategies that work!

Using these templates, guides and tutorials, you'll be able to quickly grow your social media channels without spending more time. 

It's the fastest way to level up your socials, increase your views and save time!

Check out everything in the kit below.


  • You want to make the process of creating content as easy as possible.
  • You want exact formulas for creating content that works for your audience.
  • You want to make the most of your money-making opportunities on social media.

"I am sharing with you my exact content creation blueprint so that you can work with multiple clients and provide quality content easily and efficiently saving you time and overwhelm!"

Here's what's included in the 



The Content Creation Blueprint ($197 Value)

(Video tutorial & template)

I bet you've laid in bed wondering - what content could I possibly create that would be interesting and make people want to follow me, buy from or connect with me?

You’ve blamed the Algorithm. You've had creative blocks. You've doubted yourself, and everything social media-related just feels overwhelming. 

This blueprint is my exact way to create content for several clients without feeling overwhelmed, AND I show you how to repurpose content without copy-paste the same thing on all channels and bore your audience. 

This blueprint with the downloadable template will help you get fierce clarity on what to post, how to create it and confidently set yourself up for social media success.


The 35 Best Headlines for Getting Views ($47 Value)

(video tutorial & template)

The most critical element for getting people to read or watch your content? Your headline or the hook.

I am giving you 35 of my best headline formulas so you can copy them for your own content, no matter your niche.


The Client Pain Point Process ($97 Value)

(video tutorial & template)

Some say content is king, but we all know the queen rules the house, so even more important than just putting out MORE content is to create the RIGHT content. 

What does YOUR audience want to see? What are they struggling with, and what do they wish they had? That’s the magic sauce that will turn a follower into a long-term customer! 

This training will walk you through the step-by-step process for finding and extracting your clients’ pain points and desires.


Reels Guide ($97 Value)


Reels, Youtube Shorts or TikTok? Short-form videos are not going anywhere! In this guide, I show you how to create Reels for yourself AND for your clients - even without showing your face! The tools I use to find trending songs and, of course, Reels ideas.


Content Calendar ($7 Value)

(video tutorial & template)

Use this downloadable content calendar to plan what goes out and when. The video tutorial will show you exactly how to plan your content using this calendar and other planning tools.


Templates ($49 Value)

(video tutorial & templates)

To make your life even easier, you will get our top-performing social media templates which you can customise with your fonts and brand colours, as well as Reel and IGTV cover templates.


BONUS: Must-Have Tools & Apps Checklist ($197 Value)


All the apps and tools you need to create OUTSTANDING content for yourself and your clients. I bet you haven’t heard of them before. These tools will bring your videos to the next level and make your content stand out!




That's all this...

  • The Content Creation Blueprint ($197 Value)
  • The 35 Best Headlines for Getting Views ($47 Value)
  • The 35 Best Headlines for Getting Views ($47 Value)
  • Reels Guide ($97 Value)
  • Content Calendar ($7 Value)
  • Templates ($49 Value)
  • BONUS: Must-Have Tools & Apps Checklist ($197 Value)

Total Value: $691

...for just: $49!

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  • I have worked for huge corporate companies and agencies for years before I started as a freelance social media manager myself. All while studying communication at the same time (time-management became my best friend)
  • I’m not “just” a blogger turned freelancer but also a trusted business coach.
  • I’ve helped clients build and scale their businesses to multiple six figures 
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